New Principal Marcus Merme

Atlanta Country Day School is proud to welcome veteran teacher and administrator, Marcus Merme’, as the new Principal!

MarcusMarcus has served as the English, Psychology, and French teacher at ACDS for two years. In total he holds over ten years of teaching experience. He uses the holistic approach when teaching, with the goal of teaching students the skills necessary to be critical, confident and independent. He identifies the unique personality, learning styles and skill-set of each student and uses this information to guide instruction in the classroom.

Here are some words of welcome from Mr. Marcus Merme regarding the upcoming 2018-2019 school year:

“We have a great group of students this year headed by an outstanding senior class and I’m excited to provide leadership and guidance for all of them!

First and foremost, I want to thank Dr. Moore for making the school what it is today. I have the utmost respect for him as a professional and as a man. During my time as a teacher, I’ve watched him educate and guide our students with class, intelligence, and compassion.

My vision is VERY similar to Dr. Moore’s. I believe in a structured, safe school environment where students can blossom. I believe each student has his/her unique talents to bring to the world. I value individualized instruction and thus appreciate working at ACDS where we have the luxury of providing instruction in a small-class setting.

My background: I’m French-American and grew up in Silicon Valley. I value education and believe it’s crucial to any individual’s life. I grew up in an international business environment and have worked in this environment that we all live in today. That said, our goal at ACDS is to prepare our students for this real-world, competitive landscape, and assure that they each find success in their education.”



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