Elena Flood – 2018 Valedictorian

Atlanta Country Day School is proud to announce that Elena Flood will be Valedictorian of the 2017-2018 graduating class.

She has been offered acceptances to many different colleges including Spelman, Georgia Tech, and SCAD. We look forward to the amazing and bright future Elena has in store.

On Friday of this week she will walk across the stage, accept her diploma, and address her fellow classmates with a speech. Elena plans to offer some wise words of wisdom during her Valedictorian speech on Friday. Here’s a sneak preview:

“All we can really do is offer the world our best efforts. This is consistent with the thought process of having to learn from our failures and push forward, despite the overwhelming issues we are plagued with. Take initiative, get involved with different experiences, and make the most of them. Even if you are not successful, you have to keep moving forward, whether your hand is crippled or not—metaphorically speaking or otherwise. Because we all know life isn’t going to wait for us to catch up. The truth is that no battle or struggle is over until we stop trying. From the big things in life, to the smaller things people are more likely to overlook. The most interesting thing about my experience from Wednesday night is I later found out that this wonderful woman was not the doctor nor the nurse nor the head administrator. She was the orderly who transported me to the x-ray machine. She was compassionate and caring and understood what I was going through. This reminds me of something else I came across while doing research for this talk.

In society today many people brag about their accomplishments, their titles and their accolades to define them and their worth. What really defines a person is their compassion, character, and moral values. Because you could be the best at your job, and still be a sour person with a void deep on the inside. It will show, whether you realize it or not.

Do not let others define who you are and your importance. Know who you are. Be proud of who you are, flaws and all. Embrace that, because no one else will do that for you. Self-confidence must come from somewhere, and that’s always a good place to start.”